I greatly enjoy working with small business owners to help them with many accounting tasks. And I’m especially grateful for great reviews like this one from one of my awesome clients. Thank you, Michael and Trinka!

Greeley Bookkeeping Reviews

“Sam has been not only my tax preparer for many years, but she has also been a reliable resource for our financial concerns. It’s reassuring to know you have someone who is reliable and stays up to date on the ever changing federal and state tax laws.  An ethical and trustworthy financial partner is invaluable. We are grateful to work with Sam. It is stressful to find a professional to trust with your financial matters; our family has come to know Sam on a personal level as well as professional, our children were in activities together. Her professionalism extends to the real world,  we do not feel like her client, we feel like she’s an old friend.

Thank you, Sam Zishka, we feel fortunate knowing you are looking out for us.”- Michael and Trinka, Worthington MN

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