What do you need to file your taxes?

This tax season is different than prior years. On top of the normal tax documents you need, this year there are additional forms to keep an eye out for that you will need to file. What you need to file taxes is important.

  1. Letter 6419 will be sent out by the IRS to report the amount of Advanced Child Tax Credits you received during the year. ** You must report exactly what you received, if the amount is different this could put a hold on your refund.
  2. Letter 6475 will be sent out and contain the amount of the 3rd Economic Impact Payment and any Plus Up payments received for the prior year.

What happens if you don’t have the forms?

If you file your tax return before receiving these forms, the IRS may put a hold on your account until a manual review can verify the information. This can delay processing by months.

What if you didn’t receive the full amounts previously?

If you didn’t receive the full ACTC or 3rd EIP (Stimulus) payment, you will calculate the amounts and claim them on this years filing.

Make sure to contact the office to receive the 2021 client intake worksheet if you haven’t received one.

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